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meal kit consumers taking their perishables out of reusable Liviri Fresh packaging

It’s no secret, meal-kit purchasers love to eat fresh, delicious food. But maintaining long-term relationships with those subscribers has proven to be challenging for enterprising providers. Renewal notices often go ignored, and churn rates are off the charts.

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expired perishables scattered on the street next to conventional meal kit packaging

Tasty offerings and click-to-order convenience have combined, giving savvy meal-kit and food delivery startups the ability to grow a bustling service industry that’s currently amassing more seats at the buffet.

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a meal kit customer holds an insulated, reusable Liviri Fresh box

This is where Liviri Fresh makes an impact. By bringing together innovative, mightily protective products and agile, streamlined services we optimize your operations in a way that inspires consumer trust and loyalty. And by prioritizing the people, the businesses and the planet we treasure, we endeavor to bring you the products you need to deliver your best.

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meal kit consumers prepare a fresh-delivered dinner

Company Profile:

Globally recognized meal-kit provider that ships to consumers across the US. Specializes in shipping hassle-free, health-conscious meals directly to your front door. Subscription-based service model.

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a Liviri Fresh container sits protected from sunlight on a meal kit customers porch

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Meal kit delivery and direct-to-consumer perishable shipments are a multi-billion-dollar industry in the U.S. The vast majority of these shipments are sent in corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, which has created food safety and packaging waste hurdles for the industry and its consumers. Announced today at Home Delivery World, Liviri is poised to change the home delivery shipment model with high-performance, reusable shipping solutions.

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